be nicer to yourself

You cannot pluck, tweak, diet, exercise, or pinch away your negative self image. There is nothing physical about it. You compare your body to something unattainable. You try on facial features that you see on women who aren’t you. Why are you so hard on yourself? You don’t need to look like her. Or her. Or her. Or her. You look like you. No matter what, you look like you. Tell your brain to shut up for a second, and without thinking of anybody else, take a look. Look at you! You’ve endured so much, you and that wonderful body and one-of-a-kind face. Who is it going to take to convince you that enough is enough? No man can live up to the expectation that they’ll melt away your insecurities. You are not a magnet. You were not put on this planet to attract and attract and attract and attract. At the end of the day — no — at the end of your life, what do you want to be remembered for? We preach self love online and then we close the app, look in the mirror and still pull at our skin and fuck with our hair and run our fingers over our acne and stretch marks and forget about that thing we do that makes everybody laugh. Or how we’ve carried our traumas all this time on our own. Or our brilliant brain’s ability to solve problems and how our hearts so openly love other people. Save some for yourself. 

2 thoughts on “be nicer to yourself”

  1. So true! It is too bad that so many people don’t realize that their beauty comes from within and the more they accept it the more beautiful they look on the surface!

    Mark Fillhouer

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